This Week's Public Picks: Hop Hop

June 27, 2018


Album: Scratch by Hop Hop


Recommended if you like: Kelea, Azealia Banks, Tokimonsta 


Released in May, the latest album from Buffalo’s Hop Hop is a fun, head bobbing that Hop Hop a.k.a. Jazmine Frazier, sums up best herself as “weird and loud” on the first track, “Spoonin’.” Bass booming triggers, strange found samples, and a jumping, sometimes rapid fire flow permeate the record. The album, produced by Frazier and Brandon Schlia, is four concise tracks that often goes from minimal to maximal in the blink of an eye.

Highlights include the thumping, bombastic “Scratch,” which although, or maybe because, it only clocks in at one minute and 54 seconds, it warrants second and third listenings with its dripping bass, clubby vibe, and strong flow that have the artist taking on “the man” directly.

“Sandman” brings in a familiar sample that sets the tone for the slow motion psychedelic production. The album wraps with the otherworldly “A.N.T.,” maybe the most personal lyrically as Frazier moves into a psychedelic wormhole of memories, regrets, and reminiscences.

Stream the whole album for free now on Bandcamp.


Originally Published in The Public

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Buffalo, NY, USA