Underground Sailboat Review: Scratch EP

May 17, 2018

Released May 11th 2018, Scratch - EP is the latest manifestation of Hop Hop’s energetic electro Hip-Hop. The EP continues the momentum of Mondo’s Collection, her third album that released earlier this year. In ‘Scratch,’ a bass dominates the mix in the hook as Hop Hop declares: "I need room to be the whole mess that I am I / Won't be defined by ideals of the man." Her style is marked by the need to create her own identity within a world that seeks to determine it for her.


The final track, “A.N.T.,” seems to sample arpeggios from Debussy’s Claire de Lune. The song begins with a reference to repressed experiences: “My memory places you in compartments / I can’t reach.” The reverb, distortion, and panning on the piano create an intangible and dreamlike swelling sound. The ethereal reference to a Romantic-era composition complements the hook, when Hop Hop shouts, “Where did you go? Memory floats. Where did you go?”


Last month at Once Lounge in Somerville, Massachusetts, Hop Hop paced across the stage as she rapped. She paced like a professor lost in thought at the front of a lecture hall. She performed energetically and I watched as the stage struggled to contain her.


Follow Hop Hop at @iamhophop .



Photo by Lisa Martin



Originally published on UndergroundSailboat.com



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