Punksburgh Show Review: Hop Hop at Pittsburgh's Mr. Roboto Project

May 15, 2018

I’ve never really thought of “punk” as a specific genre of music. Yes, there are specific sounds and bands that one tends to associate with punk, but there’s so much more to it, in my opinion. Punk is a community. A community where we are all just trying to find our place in life, doing what we love most. A place where we can be comfortable with who we are, where we are. We’re all in this together.

All this to say that I attended a hip hop show at Mr. Roboto, and it was one of the most punk experiences I’ve had in a while.

Hop Hop discusses a wide and unique range of topics, touching on growing up as a biracial person, ADHD overmedication culture, The Golden Girls, and eating her favorite candy bar (“Paydaybay“) while “Becoming anti-social / Who needs friends when you got most all / the B-movies you can dream of.” Jazmine’s flow while performing her songs, old and new, was effortless, on point, and infectiously jovial. She was having a great time, so everyone else was having a great time. I believe they ended up playing most, if not all, of the new songs on the Scratch EP, and if these are any indication of Hop Hop following Mondo’s Collection, I am very excited to see what the future holds for them, and you should be too.

Originally published on Punksburgh.com



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